He has extensive practice and training in electrical & mechanical design,
electronics, and is an accomplished machinist and fabricator, also has worked
as a mechanical/electrical designer for Freightliner, Dependable Pattern Works,
Drake Willock & Smith (Design for dialysis machines). He has also worked as a
metal fabricator and hands on years of electrical experience at Western States
Fire Apparatus plus did electrical design for Freightliner in their custom
engineering department. He has owned a complete machine shop and custom
classic auto shop and has worked as a free lance designer for many companies
and individuals.
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Charles Anderson

Born in PortTownsend WA in the baby boom generation. He
graduated from Hillsboro High School, then later earned two
AAS degrees simultaneously from Portland Community
College, plus many more courses and specialized training in
several engineering fields in the military and local colleges.
Inflammation Reduction Device
Its like a mechanical ice cube but does more than ice.