The purpose of this Web Site is to introduce this device to the industry and to find
manufactures, practitioners, or individuals who would like to participate in the
development, possible clinical trials, invest, or purchase this technology. Its time to
get this device out there!

This is a new device that is not on the market yet nor ever has been to the best of our
knowledge. It is now patent pending.

If you are an entrepreneur, manufacture of medical equipment and/or supplies, the
head of an athletic department, a manager at a college or training facility, or a
doctor/practitioner and you like new technology and have the interest to become
involved to bring a new product into the market, then this would be of great interest
to you.

This device is a functional prototype that has been tested (not on people) and
developed over the last few years. It is now ready to go to the next steps and to be
refined to a point where it can be manufactured and FDA approved in order to bring
it to the market. We are now at the beginning stages of filing a FDA 510K and plan to
keep going forward with it and would like to find someone who wants to join in or
take it over completely.

It is well suited for first care inflammation reduction and pain relief in combat
situations, sports injuries, ambulance transportation, post surgery, plus many other
uses as well.

This site will give you detailed descriptions of this machine.  If interested please read
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Inflammation Reduction Device
Its like a mechanical ice cube but does more than ice.